Hello, I’m Janine, boasting over 30 years in the Beauty Industry.

My journey began with humble roots: moving from South Africa to London, and finally settling in Australia as a young, single mother raising two children solo. Despite tight finances, I held onto my dream of owning beauty salons. With nothing to lose but everything to gain, I forged ahead to improve our lives.

In 2006, I established BodiBeauticious in Rose Bay. Known for our exceptional professionalism and relaxed vibe, it quickly rose to become a premier salon in the area. Even today, it stands as a beacon—a place where everyone finds belonging.

Later, in Byron Bay, I seized another opportunity and opened Bodi Byron in 2016. By 2024, I transformed it into a home-based salon, ensuring personalized attention for clients in a bustling Byron. Additionally, I now offer MOBILE TANNING, bringing luxury services to your doorstep.

Our mission extends beyond outward beauty; we strive to uplift individuals from within. We aim to empower women who walk through our doors.

Our ethos is community-centric—every person holds value, and we’re committed to unveiling your best self.

Step into our space to experience a complete range of top-notch services, our skilled team, and a welcoming ambience.

Should you need anything, please don’t hesitate to connect with us. x

Love Janine

Our Team

Carli Binkin


Hi, my name is Carli Binkin, I have been in the beauty industry now for almost 12 years. I am very passionate about beauty, and enjoy doing a variety treatments. I love pampering people and making them feel beautiful.

Aoife Rowan

Manageress Bodibeauticious

Aoife comes from Cork in Ireland. She is a qualified beauty therapist with a passion for everything related to beauty. She is an all rounder with everything related to beauty within our salon. Her column is always full and loves a good chat as well. 

Michelle Chuang

Senior Cosmetician

With over 20 years experience in the Beauty Industry, there is no wonder why Michelle has such a great following. Michelle is extremely focused on anti-ageing treatments and her LPG Lifting treatments are sensational! She is result orientated and the outcomes are truly amazing!

Nina Girza

Cosmetic Tattooist

Nina is BodiBeauticious’ amazing tattooist. She was awarded the “Award Winning Artist” in Europe Cosmetic Tattoo Competition in 2004 and 2007. 

Lindy Patel

Cosmetic Nurse

Lindy is one of Byron’s most experienced non-surgical facial rejuvenation experts. She has recently moved from Canberra to Byron and specialises.

Lorna Costigan

Lorna who was work full-time at Bodibeauticious, is our part-time therapist who is here to fill in when the going gets tough at Bodibeauticious. She is amazing in every aspect of Beauty and has years and behind her.

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