8 spray tan tips for a bronzed and glowing skin

Beach season is almost there, which means it’s time to book your spray tan appointment. This treatment is great but can also go wrong. To make sure you have the best results, follow our 8 spray tan tips divided into pre, during and post treatment. Enjoy!


Spray tan prep

Nothing comes without hard work, the price you have to pay for better and longer lasting results, is your spray tan prep:

  1. shower the night before your session

Even though you will be (almost) naked in front of the practitioner, don’t shower right before the treatment. Your pores would be more open, so the tanning solution would penetrate them creating dark spots. You can shower up to 4 hours prior the session, but we recommend you to do it the night before

  1. exfoliate the day before your session

Don’t forget to exfoliate when you take the last shower before treatment. It will make your skin smoother while eliminating the dead skin cells which cause patches and streaks. For best results use a mild, oil-free and non-abrasive product, to avoid irritating your skin.

  1. shave the day before your session

Always shave before the session, if you do it right after, you will remove the colour.

  1. No moisturizer, no deodorant

Moisturizing your skin is very important after the tan because it will make it last longer. However, it can interfere with it if you use a lotion before the session. It can create a barrier making it very hard for the tan lotion to penetrate or bring the infamous orange colour. Same for deodorant: don’t use it on the day of the appointment as it can interact making your armpits green.

  1. Wear lose-fitting dark cloths

The tanning product might stain your cloths, so it’s best if you wear lose-fitting and dark cloths. In this way you will avoid too much contact with the tanning product. We also recommend to wear dark flip flops.


At the appointment

Now that you’ve done your preparation, it’s time for you to go to the appointment. Before you enter the spray tan room, always remember to:

  1. remove makeup and jewellery

Makeup can interfere with the bronzing fair and make your skin look uneven. So, before you start the session, remove your foundation. We provide wipes that will help you.

Also, take off your jewellery, as the it might cover parts of your skin, creating funny marks. The spray can also stain and ruin it.

It goes without saying that you will also remove your cloths


Spray tan care after the session

Once the session is over, its’ time to work on spray tan care, to enhance the results

  1. Shower 8 hours after the treatment

Your tan develops during the 8 hours after the application. So, it’s very important to avoid anything that might partially remove it, making it uneven. This includes water and sweat. Don’t shower nor do anything activity that would make you sweat.

Your colour will look best after your first shower. But don’t shave, exfoliate nor scrub as it would make the effect fade away. The water will look a little muddy. No need to freak out; it’s the cosmetic bronzing solution, not your tan. Wait till the water becomes clean again and when you’re done don’t rub your towel.

  1. Moisturize twice a day

For best and flawless results, moisturize every day at least twice a day. But refrain from using oily products, as they can partially remove the tan and make it look uneven.

The best products are tan extending lotions, ask your practitioner for recommendation.


At BodiBeauticious our practitioners are all well skilled and use only top quality tan spray. With them and our spray tan tips, you will look like the bronzed goddess you dream of.

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