Semi-Permanent and Micro-Pigmentation

Semi-Permanent and Micro-Pigmentation EyebrowsEyebrows are no doubt the first thing we look at when looking at someone’s features!!

Confused about whether you should take the plunge and go permanent with cosmetic tattooing?

Well Hollywood Brows are now here and here to stay!!!

These Brows can last up to 3 months.  This treatment includes shaping, brushstrokes and shading

For $150 and takes up to 1 hour – you will not be disappointed.

Winter is the best time to have micro-pigmentation and 4 weeks until spring, why wait with these amazing specials available!!

We are looking forward in giving you an opportunity to come to us for a free consultation, where Nina will describe in detail the procedure of micro-pigmentation, its capabilities, will pick up the shape and colour which best suits you, make a preliminary design and perform an allergy test.

And best of all, after your consultation you will receive a discount of 15% off your primary treatment!!!

WHAT IS MICRO-PIGMENTATION? Micropigmentation or Cosmetic tattooing is a form of intradermal pigmentation for both woman and men. It is long stay make-up used to enhance natural beauty or correct facial features to achieve a more symmetrical look.

WHAT AREAS CAN YOU COSMETIC TATTOO?  Cosmetic tattooing is used to create or perfect eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner, beauty spots or for medical solutions such as the creation of 3D areolas, improvement of scars, slap re-colouring, vitilago camouflage, cleft lip correcting.

HOW LONG DOES IT LAST?  It can last up to 5 years

DOES IT HURT?  The treatment is done under local anesthetic (cream Lidokain & Adrenalin)

IS IT SAFE?  All parts that come in contact with the skin or pigment are disposable and a new needle is changed each time. The pigments used are especially manufactured to be used on the face and are made from iron oxides. Pigments are coloured powder s suspended in distilled water, alcohol and glycerin.

HOW LONG DOES THE PROCEDURE TAKE?  The procedure can take up to two hours

YOU NEED A DOCTOR’S PERMISSION FOR THE PROCEDURE IF YOU HAVE: Diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases, epilepsy, cancer, blood clotting diseases or other pathological diseases.

HOW DO I PREPARE MYSELF FOR THE PROCEDURE?  A week before the procedure:• stop sunbathing (including solarium appointments) • avoid intensive cosmetic procedures (face scrubbing/cleaning, peeling, epilation on the face) 24 hours before the procedure is not recommended to take:  • stimulators: coffee, strong tea, other beverages likely to contain caffeine, as well as drugs with stimulating effect • alcohol, acetylsalicylic acid, aspirin, etc. • heavy and spicy food

WHAT IS THE PROCEDURE IN ORDER FOR THE PROCESS OF HEALING TO PASS NORMALLY?  During the next 7 days after the procedure one should avoid: • solarium appointments (sunbathing) • sauna attendances, bathhouses, swimming pools, water reservoirs (basically avoid any long-term contact with water) • mechanical influence on the zone (rubbing, scrubbing, trying to peel of the crust by oneself, extreme washing) • exploitation of non-prescribed, and non-recommended by a specialist, ointments and creams in order to speed up the healing process

DURING THE HEALING PROCESS IT IS NECESSARY TO:  Apply the special healing cream – recommended by a specialist who performed the procedure – 3 times a day, carefully rubbing in small quantities • in case of necessity, one should clean the skin with clean paper napkin, soaked in boiled water.

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