OMG am I really getting Old?


Is that really me in the mirror??

This Saturday, I looked in the mirror and thought OMG those lines have really deteriated under my eyes??   They definitely were not there last month, what happened?  I was that person that was never going to age, never going to wear glasses – stay young forever…  Well I can honestly say at nearly 50 years of age I’m there!!   I say to myself thank goodness I’m in this Industry, not that it has helped the fact that I have aged, but now I need to practise what I preach.  The knowledge that I’ve gained throughout my career in Anti-Ageing is unbelievable, the courses, the lecturers has been invaluable, but now for the first time in my life I need to actually apply them to myself.

This story is your story, it creeps up on us and then we suddenly been referred to and called “middle age”.  The clothes that we used to share with our daughters no more, the glitter eyeshadow ah ah no more!

We now have to face facts that we are older, we not going to have the skin of our daughters or the tone and elasticity of our younger girlfriends. Its not all downhill – we have choices, we can go down that road with Fillers and Injectables, yes they costly and maintenance is on-going however when its a reputable person servicing you, it can be an absolutely gorgeous outcome.  For those that choose not to proceed with injectables, that’s ok too.  I am one of those that are basically too damn scared, suffer from headaches from the injectables, so I need to look for the less invasive kind of treatments.

The first thing I would look at is one’s basic skin care regime.  The over the counter creams be aware of. When they say “anti-ageing” there is probably less than 1% of an active ingredient within.  The old concept of ABC is still the best to live by.  Vitamin A – Retinol, Vitamin B – for hydration and plumping and Vitamin C – for building up the Collagen and the connective tissue within the skin.

As we age our skin becomes thin, our hydration depletes and sun spots/age spots appear.  Topical Serums are your first point of call.  The girls at Bodibeauticious will really help you out if you need to update your lotions and potions.  Their product knowledge is excellent, our products are excellent and you will certainly have all the help you need!!

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