October is the rejuvenation month: anti-ageing tips from our cosmetic nurse Lindy Patel

At BodiBeauticious we really value people, our customers as well as our amazing employees. This is why we are getting to know a different practitioner every month. October is the rejuvenation month, so we ask some anti-ageing tips to our amazing cosmetic nurse Lindy Patel.


Where are you from?

I’m originally from Sydney, where I did my Registered Nurse Training at Hornsby Hospital. I have moved a lot in my life for both education and work.
I did my Midwifery Training in Stirling, Scotland and then went to Chepstow, Wales (UK) where I worked at the regional Burns & Plastics unit for 3 years.

How long have you been working in the beauty industry and how long at BodiBeauticious?

I have been working at BodiBeauticious for the past 6 months but I’ve been in the industry since 1977, when I was working in the Burns & Plastics Unit in South Wales (UK) as a Staff Nurse.
I also lived in the USA for 18 months and worked for a dermatologist as a registered nurse. I dealt with patients with various skin complaints.
I then moved back to Australia, Adelaide and Canberra for 14 and 20 years respectively. I was working as a registered nurse in plastic surgery practises. In Canberra, I also run a very busy skin care & cosmetic injection practise.

What’s your favourite part of your job?

My favourite part is making a difference to people’s self-esteem and self-confidence plus developing new friends along the way.

You specialize in rejuvenation, what are your anti-ageing tips for a flawless skin?

First of all, good skin care products, i.e. physician developed e.g. Rodan & Fields.
Then I would say a healthy diet that avoids processed food & sugar, limited sun exposure and no smoking.
Also, I have found that skin needling e.g. Dermapen has a fantastic effect on strengthening building collagen in the dermis of the skin, which provides a more youthful appearance.


You just mentioned Rodan & Fields and we know you have partnered with them; what is so special about their products?

These products are Physician developed and specifically target problem skin. They are also very effective, affordable and simple to use.

Injections and fillers are a big part of your job, are there any skin types that are better indicated?

All skin types are suitable for injection and fillers.

At what age should a woman start with anti-ageing products?

It is best to start in their 20’s as they start showing signs of sun damage and aging. Prevention is better than cure!

How did anti-aging techniques evolve over the years?

We used to introduce collagen injection as fillers. They only lasted for about 3 months, had to be allergy tested a month prior to injection and had limited use.  We also applied glycolic and phenol peels, which were painful, aggressive and had a downtime following treatment.

What are the new trends in fillers & injections?

Now we have non-permanent fillers with minimal side effects and different types and strengths to suit different areas of the face.
Anti-wrinkle injections using Botulinum A are also a trend. Their use is more sophisticated use as well as their placement for facial rejuvenation.

And now one last question about you. What’s the secret of your success and what inspires you?

My success is equated to the knowledge and experience I have developed over the years from working side by side with many plastic surgeons and in the burns and plastic unit. Skin nutrition and skin care was paramount to a successful outcome with minimal scaring.
I also listen to clients in order to provide the right solution to suit their budget and skin, without trying to up sell.


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