What men want: interesting facts about male grooming

Did you know that the male grooming is the fastest growing segment in the personal care market? 2013 was the first year when men spent more on male specific skincare products than on shaving. And it only increased since. Research say the global market for male toiletries is going to reach 23.9 billion US$ by 2022.

It is now a fact that men want to look their best: 1/3 spend more than thirty minutes a day on beauty practices. They commonly use cleansers and moisturizing lotions for face and body as well as lip balms. Especially the ones in corporate positions consider their appearance to play a role when it comes to their success and longevity in the business. They are also more conscious about protecting their skin from pollution and sun.

So, what do we need to know about the male beauty industry?

Should there be specific products and treatments for male grooming?

Men’s skin is actually quite different from women’s, hence the need for specific products and treatments. It is not only a matter of marketing and packaging:

  • Male skin is 25% thicker but it gradually thins with age, unlike female’s which remains constant until the age of 50.
  • The ageing process starts later but is faster
  • Men have higher testosterone levels, which result in increased collagen production and density. The collagen fibres are also more tight and dense, giving a plumper skin appearance.
  • The outer skin layer in men is thicker, giving a better protection and hydration.
  • Men loose more subcutaneous fat with age. Therefore, their wrinkles are deeper.
  • Male pores are larger and produce more sebum, but in a constant way through the years.
  • The large pore size also causes more shaving-related issues such as ingrown hair.
  • There is more lactic acid in men sweat than women’s, this is why their mantle is more acid.

What are the grooming habits for men?

When it comes to their grooming habits, men seem to like simple and low maintenance regimes. Compared to women, they are more practical in their buying choices and less driven by marketing.

Even if the time men spend on skincare is increasing, they don’t really want to stay too long in the bathroom. As they love simplicity, some of them dream of having just one product doing 4 different jobs.

The basic male beauty routine is cleansing, exfoliating with scrubs and moisturising. However, men are getting more conscious about sun damages and, therefore, buying more protective daily creams.

Guys in their twenties are not concerned about ageing yet. They look for solutions for sensitive skin, shaving irritations, blemishes, blocked pores, environmental stress and sun damages. On the other hand, men in their thirties and beyond think about the signs of their ageing skin. Therefore, they seek for ingredients targeting fine lines, skin regeneration, dryness and protection against pollution. Products specific for some areas such as neck or eyes are not very popular yet, but the trend might change in the future.

Simple but effective is what appeals to them the most. So, something that is easy to apply and the skin can easily absorb. Most of the times, they look for fragrance-free products.

What is a man doing in a Beauty Salon?  The most popular male grooming treatments

Not only skincare at home, the male grooming treatments are increasing in number and popularity. So, what do men do in their salon visits and what do they like? In general, men prefer non-invasive and fast procedures, with the least side effects. Even though there are more businesses specifically targeting only men, the traditional salons are becoming more and more mixed and genderless.

Facial: a man’s facial consists of cleaning out the blackheads and soothing often irritated skin, usually caused by shaving.  A combination of cleansing, exfoliation, steam, masks, and moisturizers will leave their skin smoother than ever.  The smoother their skin, the better and less painful their shave.  A relaxing massage is also given when the mask is on.

Waxing: once a prerogative of body builders and sports people, waxing is becoming more and more common. From back to legs to Brazilian and Hollywood, men want a smoother skin. A consultation is highly recommended for the ones that are new to the procedure. It aims to make the client feel more comfortable and it will also provide useful information for after care advice.

ENE, is what men should be having: wives, partners and girlfriends always insist on them getting Ears, Nose and Eye waxing, as most men grow hair in all the wrong places. The guys might not always be up for it. However, if they come in for a facial, we as therapists recommend it and make sure we administer that procedure as painless as possible.

What happens in that room?

Men, as big and bold as they seem, often become meek and mild in the salon. They are out of their comfort zone as another woman is taking control, which can be scary for some of them. They secretly like to relax and often, within the right environment, they just fall into a deep sleep. However, some are asking a lot of questions, a lot … what you putting on my face?  How often do I need this?  What do you think I should be using?  What can I do with my wrinkles?  How many times did you say I need to wash my face?  But once we actually give them the protocols and the advice on what they should be doing and using, they become among our best clients J

I have a funny story about this. I was working with a client’s husband. We were fighting against constant breakouts on his skin, so I told him to change his pillowcase every night, as bacteria can often get trapped in it… Oh my goodness he was such a good listener! He still does it after 2 years.  His wife is not impressed with her white linen and changing his black pillowcase every day, which is a complete eye sore. But hey we got rid of the acne. If you’re reading this, you know what am I talking about 😉


Hope you enjoyed our little travel into the male grooming world. What treatment would you like your partner to do? Do you have any funny anecdote about his beauty habits? Would love to hear from you!

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