What do men think of ageing?

[vc_row 0=””][vc_column][vc_column_text 0=””]For a woman ageing is one of the scariest parts of her life. How can one feel so good, yet as soon as she looks in the mirror, desperation and despair takes over? When we see our first fine line we immediately loose self-esteem and think we’re less attractive.  As time passes, we look for more and more treatments to make the ageing process less evident.


But this is what women think. What do men think of ageing? Do they care about our fine lines? We interviewed 3 guys in different age groups and found out their opinion on ageing… Read till the end, it might surprise you!


A guy in his 20’s

What do you think about your mum’s skin?

She’s 50. Her skin is quite good! But honestly I don’t care, I love her anyways.

What is considered a beautiful woman to you? What are the specific features YOU would look for?

Unique face, strong personality and that she takes care of her self. But in a very natural way, I like when girls don’t put too much make-up.

If I told you your girlfriend has some fine lines, what would you say? Did you ever notice? What do you think about them?

I would agree. And i think they give a unique touch to women.

What would you think if your girlfriend got her lips plumped up with a cosmetic procedure at the age of 20?

I’m against these type of procedures. I think I would have a hard time kissing her.

And if she was thinking of getting wrinkle injections to take away her lines? Your thoughts on that?

I’d prefer her keeping her natural look and fight against wrinkles with some cream or other products. I think it’s a little early to get wrinkle injections in one’s twenties.

Do you yourself ever think of ageing?

Yes, I sometimes fear losing my hair – that’s all.

What if your girlfriend was several years older than you and would naturally age quicker than you, would that bother you at this age?

No, otherwise she wouldn’t be my girlfriend.


A guy in his 30’s

What is a beautiful woman to you? What are the features you would look for in a woman?

A laughing, smiling woman with a kind personality.

If I say “ageing”, what does that mean to you?

A fine wine. Great to age by itself!

Fine lines around eyes or mouth, which would you consider more ageing?

What do you think about them? Does it put you off persuing women?


Would you prefer seeing women ageing naturally or would you prefer seeing women who has had cosmetic procedures?

Natural. The older a woman is with cosmetics done, the worse I think she looks. If a woman can not age, then how can she have lived?

What if YOUR OWN girlfriend decided to have wrinkle injections, fillers or cosmetic procedures would you allow, discourage or even think of breaking up with her?

I would discourage as all women are beautiful and should be adored. Women are the barriers of life and we should accept them for what they hold, not how their skin is held. The problem with social media is the expectations of what women should look like. The reality is you can’t “filter”or photoshop real life. Magazines and advertisements continuously airbrush features to make the women that are portraying seem more beautiful. If my daughter wanted cosmetics done I would be crushed. Beauty is from within.


A man in his 40/50’s  

Your partner wants a facelift, how do you feel about such a radicle decision?

Is it that radical? I would give her a hug and ask her how her day was.

Does she do wrinkle injections? If so, what do you think about them?

They’re weird

What do you think of a woman who’s not afraid of her wrinkles and ageing skin?

Great, I love that self confidence!

Do you notice women of our age group ageing, fine lines and wrinkles?

Yes, they are beautiful if there maturity is owned and they are healthy.

You meet a lady she has an awesome personality, but she has prematurely aged. Would you still pursue that relationship, knowing that she is probably going to look older than you in 5 years?

Silly question for me.

What is a beautiful woman to you? What are the features one should have?

Vivacious and Bright.

You are at dinner with your partner. All her girlfriends have had several cosmetic procedures, your girlfriend has opted not to have any – how do you view the other ladies around the table?

Slowly. Because I might need time to navigate their facial expressions as they may have been put to sleep.


So, summarising, what do men think of ageing? For them it’s obviously not that big deal! They seems to prefer natural beauty and appreciate a good appearance if associated with a great personality. The secret is to take good care of ourselves and enjoy life, without worrying too much about what we can’t avoid.
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